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Steeped in History

An amateur historian once lived in the old manor house attached to the pub.  They established that the property, now known as the Sportsman Pub, was first listed as a pub in 1819 as The Black Horse Inn. 


We have uncovered a photo taken in 1880 depicting an entirely red brick property.  Apparently, at some point in the 1700's the owner of the property had not paid their fire insurance and the property which stood where the pub is now, was raised to the ground.  Originally, it is understood that the porch serving the attached house next door, was once positioned centrally to a symmetrical building.  This was also the theory of Pevsner when he surveyed the property.  

In the late 1700's the property was half built back as a forge and then changed to a pub at some point prior to 1819.  

In the early 1980's the name was changed to the Sportsman.  It was a very popular place to visit and drew patrons from afar to join in with the fun at the locally famous wet pub.

By the time we purchased the Sportsman in June 2017, it was down at heel.  The property itself might only have been one heavy storm away from a collapsed roof and ensuing disaster.  Following protracted negotiations with Conservation officials, work was finally underway to repair and improve the pub.  The degree of rebuilding meant a complete overhaul and replacement of every pipe and wire.  The opportunity was also taken to relocate the toilets and for the first time, incorporating a disabled toilet and baby changing facility.


The pub was reopened on the 22nd November 2018.  

Dav & Rob

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